Bike Saddle Design

We were commissioned to flesh-out the design for an innovative new bike saddle design. Initially then, a draft 3D model was created from some rough design sketches & ideas.

Freely available data such as 'sit bone' sizing was collated into this initial design phase.

The initial design underwent numerous iterations before a final design was agreed. A fully articulated 3D assembly was then created.

Finally, elements such as fabric cuts & returns were split from surfaces, before 3D visuals and design drawings were extrapolated.

"Our projects have ranged from small one-off designs to large scale corporate plans"

Projects ranging from office, retail and space planning, virtual 3D builds of construction systems to 3D modeling of components & assemblies. We have accumulated years of invaluable experience working on CAD projects with large commercial organizations and small companies, inventors, entrapreneurs & property developmers.

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