CAD Detailing

We will quickly and cost effectively convert design sketches and course pdfs into coherent CAD drawings that suit your project requirements. CAD details can be scaled and styled as required, borders designed keys and annotations applied to your custom CAD specification, quickly and at a competitive cost.

We will happily incorporate pre-existing project drawing methodology and CAD symbology, including CAD level nomenclature, line styles & line weights and CAD cell libraries, or design and setup custom libraries as required.

Filled, patterned and heavily annotated CAD sections in plan or profile and suitable, for example, for building system integration, design review or construction CAD detailing.

We have extensive expertise, particularly in the area of external wall insulation systems and building façades, so can quickly establish best means by which to present your wall system information for communication with customers, third-party suppliers, architects and suitable for example, as comprehensive installation drawing sets.

CAD designs can be outputted to industry standard electronic document formats, including pdf, tiff, jpeg, bitmap, dwf, etc or converted into various CAD formats, for example dgn, dwg and dxf.

Detailing Detailing Detailing Detailing
" We have used CADVis for a number of years for customised CAD detailing due to the reliable service and high quality output. Drawings are turned around in a timely manner and the high degree of accuracy is second to none. Highly recommended. "
Andrew Tichy, Regional Director | SPSEnvirowall Ltd
2D CAD section of a drained cavity
External wall insulation CAD details
Vertical CAD section
2D CAD detail wall system interface
Existing building facade
building facade 3D perspective composite
Golf course planner from aerial photography
Created via 2D CAD & graphic design software
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