Solid Modelling

3D Solid modeling carries with it parametric data employed in both pre-production testing such as stress analysis and manufacturing processes such as CNC milling. We provid the facility to aquire measurements via traditional methods, such as 'Vernier' micrometers, but also via cost effective 3D scanning, where appropriate.

A virtual 3D model of a machine, piece of equipment or even a production line may be designed from individual components. This allows dimensional tolerances to be precisely applied to a design pre-fabrication and the best third-party components selected.

Design facets such as bores, fits, threads and fixings can all be specified in advance and will be annotated on our provided set of fabrication drawings; allowing you to spec and cost the project accurately and amend your design on-the-fly.

Photo realistic rendering enables the capture of high quality images for 3D visualization purposes if required. Export to non-parametric CAD is available, including ‘dwg’, providing Auto Cad integration for your in-house design and drafting department. A 3D 'viewer' can be provided free of charge, to allow manipulation, review and annotation in exactly the same 3D environment as we use in your design.

Solid Modelling Solid Modelling Solid Modelling Solid Modelling Solid Modelling
" choice of Design Company was well justified. I was really impressed with the resulting CAD Drawings, including the bend & cut pattern. The computer mock-up was also stunning and far exceeded my expectations. "
Eifion Wyn Williams,
Accessory reverse engineered
Trolley assembly solid model
Glulam dome 3D assembly
Exploded 3D design prototype
Solid model 3D render
Prototype machinery render
Company brochure imagery
Solid model of car accessory
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