Surface Modelling

3D CAD modelling employing organic or flowing topology requires our specialist CAD 3D surfacing tools and expertise. 3D curves are the focus and proper analysis and an eye for adaptation of clients 2D design sketches is often required to facilitate seemless 3D curvature production.

Organic Shape 3D Design

- we can advise of the best way forward in creating truly elegant 3D surfaces, some examples of our 3D surface models you can see opposite and below. Proper consideration to 3D design intent and how this may affect the final surface model was especially important.

Surface Model Design Integration

- where your curved surface component is part of a larger design assembly, then equally pertinent is how the final CAD surface will integrate with both other components in a 3D assembly down-stream, in the design process and ultimately assembly fabrication.

Surface modelling specifics such as tangentiality of 3D curvature, control point density and and consideration of 'nurb' curve interactions & compatibility in creating your smooth 3D surface geometry are given proper consideration from the outset. We will also produce photo realistic product renders and output in all recognized CAD and file formats.

Surface Modelling Surface Modelling Folding Bike Saddle Visualization Surface Modelling Surface Modelling
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Mitch Gee, Technical Director | SPSEnvirowall Ltd
Car 3D surface model
Complex surface modeling
Instrument 3D surface model
Pan with lid separated
Bike saddle surface geometry
Curve derived shape
Surface model assembly
Surface model booth image
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