Roadster 3D Surface Model

An early proof of concept in constructing complex 3D surfaces accurately from very limited data sets. Curves were derived of very course blueprints and perspective corrected photography.

After numerous nurb curve CAD passes, including adaptations for curvature correction, tangentiality & control point density, these formed the basis for the CAD modeling of the 3D surfaces.

The initial surface geometry was created in dedicated surface modeling software, sometimes requiring numerous iterations post surface analysis, to achieve desired accuracy and surface integrity.

The bodywork was then exported to a solid modeling package for another rebuild; surfaces were given volume (thicknesses). Finally came the construction of additional components, 3D scene setup, lighting, rendering of images & export to mesh modeling software.

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Projects ranging from office, retail and space planning, virtual 3D builds of construction systems to 3D modeling of components & assemblies. We have accumulated years of invaluable experience working on CAD projects with large commercial organizations and small companies, inventors, entrapreneurs & property developmers.

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