Department Store Concession

CADVis was commissioned to draft the floor planning requirements for a retail concession, in a nationwoide chain of department stores. From measured survey notes & sketches, we undertook a space planning remit from a layout specification. From this, a set of retail floor plan drawings & elevations were drafted in 2D CAD software.

Subsequently, this layout facilitated 3D visualizations of the concession wall fixtures, free-standing floor furniture & signage. Appropriate lighting & perspective was applied to provide an accurate spacial representation.

This 3D CAD was exported into non-CAD, or mesh modelling software, for rendering of clothing & textiles. Colour swatches were used in conjunction with photo-editing tools to produce accurate color representatins of real clothing 'lines'. Pdfs, jpgs & dxf files were delivered as per project requirements.

"Our projects have ranged from small one-off designs to large scale corporate plans"

Projects ranging from office, retail and space planning, virtual 3D builds of construction systems to 3D modeling of components & assemblies. We have accumulated years of invaluable experience working on CAD projects with large commercial organizations and small companies, inventors, entrapreneurs & property developmers.

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