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CADVis is a CAD (computer aided design) bureau providing CAD drawing services, 3D modeling, 3D visualization, CAD conversion and design services. Clients range from retail planners and design consultants, to specialist fabricators, engineers and also include suppliers and installers in the commercial, corporate and residential construction sectors. CAD projects encompass all sizes & scopes.

CAD drafting services include paper to CAD conversion, floor plans, site plans, elevations, CAD design detailing and technical drawings of 3D designs, components and assemblies. Our 3D Visualization services include interactive 3D and photorealistic rendering and can entail traditional methods of data capture as well as modern techniques such as 3D image scanning & point-cloud processing.

We specialize in 3D CAD surface modeling and solid modeling employed in design prototyping, pre-production, CAM (computer aided manufacturing) and CNC (computer numerical control) processes. We also facilitate export to mesh modelling 3D software for applications such as bespoke architectural visualization and interior design, involving free-hand mesh design & photo editing.

CADVis can draught and output to the majority of 2D CAD and 3D CAD formats, together with BIM (building information modeling), electronic document and image formats. We can assist with interior surveying, legacy drawing aquisition and applications for consent.

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" We employed CADVis to convert some 'pencil and paper' sketches we'd made of a new range of cooking pan designs to CAD, with additional 3D images and STEP documents... Communication was impeccable with quick responses to our queries and the quality of the work and attention to detail was superb. "
Paul Higginson, Director | PAGAN Kitchenware Ltd
"Our projects have ranged from small one-off designs to large scale corporate plans"

Projects ranging from office, retail and space planning, virtual 3D builds of construction systems to 3D modeling of components & assemblies. We have accumulated years of invaluable experience working on CAD projects with large commercial organizations and small companies, inventors, entrapreneurs & property developers.

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